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More than 7 thousand people, coming from more than 140 countries, with about a hundred delegations represented at political level, will be in Lisbon in the coming days to participate in the Second United Nations Ocean Conference.

In addition to the Summit work, which starts on Monday and ends on Friday, there are about three hundred “satellite events” that consolidate the meaning of this world meeting hosted by Portugal – the promotion of Sea’s relevance in the response to the climate crisis, having in mind that the Green Transition is not possible without a Blue Transition based in Science and Technology. At the same time, this Summit will make it possible to foster multiple partnerships to a Blue, Sustainable and Inclusive Economy, based on the Blue Natural Capital (details in attachment).

Portugal's ambition is for this Lisbon conference to be a landmark for a global agenda for the Oceans and consolidate the Oceans-Climate nexus, giving it more depth and reach.

The works, events and meetings will take place in a context of a global scale debate, through a cycle of more than 60 Blue Talks, promoted by the Portuguese diplomatic network, aimed at raising awareness and preparing for the Ocean Conference.

Over the next week, hundreds of bilateral meetings will be held between the political leaders present, transforming this Summit into one of this year’s biggest multilateral stages.

During these five days there are also two State visits – by the President of the Republic of Kenya, co-host country of the Ocean Summit, and the President of the Republic of Nigeria.

On the Portuguese side, the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Economy and the Sea, together with the Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Internationalization, and the Sea, ensure the permanent representation of Portugal, as well as monitoring the works (program attached).

Lisbon, June 24, 2022


All graphic materials and relevant information can be found downloaded in this dossier

press release:

Blue route to Lisbon - Start of the United Nations Ocean Conference

(UNOC) and special events


Portugal will host, from the 24th of June until the 1st of July, the II United Nations Ocean Conference and associated special events.

The United Nations Ocean Conference (UNOC), which will be co-chaired by Portugal and Kenya, will take place in Lisbon, at the Altice Arena, from the 27th of June to the 1st of July.

On the sidelines of UNOC, hundreds of side events will take place, including the four special events co-organized by Portugal:

- Youth and Innovation Forum (24-26 June, Nova SBE Campus, Carcavelos);

- Locate Ocean Action: High Level Event on Local and Regional Governance (June 25, Porto de Matosinhos);

- High Level Water Symposium (27 June, Altice Arena);

- Forum on Sustainable Blue Economy and Investment (28 June, Estoril Conference Center).

Representatives from Member States and the United Nations System are expected, as well as 1178 other entities, from academia to the financial and economic sector, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and other partners.

Framed by the need for action, having in mind the importance of conservation and sustainable use of the seas and marine resources to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the 2030 Agenda as a whole, UNOC should approve the Lisbon Declaration, a document that will highlight innovative areas of action based on science that support the achievement of SDG 14: conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

The programmatic objectives of the Conference will also be pursued through daily plenary sessions and eight “Interactive Dialogues” with the following themes:

1) Combat Marine Pollution;

2) Promote and strengthen sustainable ocean-based economies, in small island developing states and least developed countries;

3) Manage, protect, conserve and restore marine and coastal ecosystems;

4) Minimize and address ocean acidification, deoxygenation and warming;

5) Make fishing sustainable and enable artisanal fishermen to access resources and marine markets;

6) Increase scientific knowledge and develop research and marine technology transfer;

7) Improve the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and their resources through implementation of international law as reflected in the United Nations Convention Nations on the Law of the Sea;

8) Strengthen the links between Sustainable Development Goal 14 and the other Goals for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The Oceans Conference will help consolidate the importance of the Sea in the response to the climate change crisis, thus aiming to contribute to the next Climate COP in Egypt and to the global awareness of the interdependence of the Sustainable Development Goals and the relevance of the marine environment in climate action. There is no climate action without oceanic action.

UNOC and its associated events conclude an intense semester of events complementary to each other and converging in affirming the urgency and importance of ocean action, in and of itself, and as an integral part of climate action. Lisbon is expected to be a decisive moment in accelerating global ambition in in terms of combating pollution, preserving biodiversity, and integrating sustainability in the economy of the sea.

Blue economy has a high potential for sustainable growth, creating jobs and strengthening the strategic autonomy of nations. To that end, significant investments are needed, in the development of new technologies and the enhancement of natural capital, so access to sources of funding will be one of the main topics of the Conference.

The United Nations General Assembly approved, in May 2019, Resolution No. 73/292 which establishes that the UNOC would be held in Lisbon in 2020. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the UNGA postponed the UNOC and, by Decision nº 75/578, of September 2021, approved the Portuguese proposal to hold the UNOC between 27 June and 1 July 2022. For the execution of the UNOC the “Framework Agreement between the Portuguese Republic and the United Nations on United Nations Meetings to be held in the Portuguese Republic”, which will apply to any upcoming events, was negotiated, and signed

The national organization of UNOC preparations was entrusted to a Interministerial Commission that involves the governmental areas of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Sea, National Defense, Parliamentary/Youth Affairs, Science and Technology and Higher Education, Environment and Climate Action.


Download link:

Data updated as of June 22, 2022:

- More than 7000 registered participants;

- More than 140 countries have registered official delegations, of which about a hundred headed at the political level;

- 38 specialized agencies and international organizations;

- 1178 NGOs and other entities, 410 companies and 154 universities.

Framing information

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UNOC video spot

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Facts and Figures


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UNOC Program

Special events:


- Youth and Innovation Forum (24-26 June, Nova SBE Campus, Carcavelos);

- Locate Ocean Action: High Level Event on Local and Regional Governance (25th of

June, Porto de Matosinhos);

- High Level Water Symposium (27 June, Altice Arena);

- Forum on Sustainable Blue Economy and Investment (28 June, Estoril Conference Center).

Side events:


Inside the Blue Zone

Outside the Blue Zone/Other Locations



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